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Hair Coloring Home PageThere are many hair styles and trends out there and one which is very popular today is the Mohawk however this a specific hair style. There is what is known as Hair Coloring which has been popular for decades. Very popular with pop stars in the eighties now very common amongst everybody, people have a choice of many colours from hazel brown, red, maroon, blue, black and of cause the process known as bleaching. Hair Coloring is a chemical process therefore doing your own colouring is not recommend as there are colour specialists in almost every hair salon. They will firstly check the condition of your hair in terms of texture and also find out from you when was the last you dyed your hair because in some cases you need to have a month or two interval between your hair colouring.

Thus far we have spoken about hair colouring in terms of fashion, trend and style. There are other reasons why people colour their hair and one of them is to cover grey hair. Certain magazines have a step by step guide on how to do your own hair colouring from the comfort of your home. However let’s explore other aspects of Hair Coloring and let us ask the question, does hair colouring have effect on our health? The question is why is P.P.D still found in Hair Coloring solutions but completely banned from makeup. There are recorded incidences in the past where by individuals have been hospitalized as a result of an allergic reaction from a hair dye made and supplied by some of the world’s leading cosmetic brands.

The person hospitalized had such a reaction that she was in a coma when doctors informed her family that she is critical to the point that her chances of living are eight percent. The reaction is an anaphylactic reaction which has proven to be fatal when a teenager collapsed after being exposed to hair dye. It would be responsible for people to do thorough researching before dying their hair as we can see that trends and fashion can clearly cost you your health or even your life.

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