Adding some colour to your hair

Hair Coloring

Adding some colour to your hair   With maturity and experience, comes grey hair, and grey hair used to be the way that we see an experienced person, but with all the improvements in beauty techniques, not even a 90 year old has to have a shade of grey in their hair. Aging is no longer the only reason for one to colour their hair, but adding or removing colour to your hair gives one a different look. The good news is that hair colouring today is easy to do, but only if you know what you are doing as ignorance can be disastrous to your hair, your scalp and your looks as a whole. There are 3 ways in which one can colour their hair:

SEMI PERMANENT COLOUR: Semi permanent colouring your hair means adding colour to your hair, but without changing the natural colour of the hair dramatically. It is almost like highlights, where the natural colour of hair can still be seen by with a shade of tint in it, and after several shampoos, the colour washes out and the hair looks like its natural colour again. This type of colouring will not lighten your hair because the dye contains no ammonia or peroxide.

DEMI PERMANENT COLOUR: To demi permanently colour your hair means that the hair dye will not fade as quickly as semi-permanent hair colour, but the good news is that to colour your hair this way is also not as damaging as permanently colouring your hair. To get the colour out of the hair takes about 20 – 25 washes and the colour gradually fades out.

PERMANENT COLOUR: It is highly recommended that if you want a permanent hair colour, you must get it professionally coloured, and NOT do it yourself. Permanent hair colour uses both ammonia and peroxide. These chemicals are the ones that penetrate the root of the hair, and they increase in size, thus permanently adding colour to the hair that cannot be washed out. The only way to rid one’s hair of permanent hair colour is the complete growth of new hair.