The benefits of individual hair strands

hairRather than opt for a solid, flat and unrealistic look when colouring your hair, try our individual hair strands to enhance your present look or to completely change to the woman you really want to be. You, too, can be a Beyonce, J-Lo or Maria and cast your spell with waves of hirsute splendour.

Our individual hair strands come in a range of natural hair colours and also an exciting and vibrant range of fashion shades. Let your imagination run wild and add a plethora of exotic hues to your crowning glory to add spice and va-va-voom to your appearance. You need never look or feel dull again.

The absolute beauty of our products is that they are reusable and durable because of the superior quality and workmanship. We are the only distributors around who offer an exchange or money back policy. We rest on our laurels however because we know we will not need to refund seeing as though our hair is superbly crafted and cared for.

Individual hair stands can be added to match your own hair, to contrast with it or to add flair and fashion with bright and bouncy primary and neon colours. Boredom has left the building! Your hair will be your piece de resistance for ever more! Match it to your mood or to your clothes and with reusable, clip-on-and-go strands you can do so several times a day. Be a different woman at the cocktail party after work to the sleek and sensuous creature at the gym in the morning.  Add as many or as few strands as you wish and have your perfect hair style – always!

A full wig can be stifling and uncomfortable and does not allow your own hair to breathe but individual strands do not restrict the wearer in such a way and, the best thing possible, they are just as capable of changing the appearance completely. Become the woman you really need to be- several times day- with our top quality hair unequalled in the industry and love all the new yous that you become.

Go curly, go smooth, go wild but go Diva Divine, without a doubt!