Choose Peruvian Weft Hair for Great Performance and Natural Appearance

Many people who choose to have hair extensions and weaves fitted search for a natural and unobtrusive appearance solution that makes it very hard for anyone to determine whether they have any extensions fitted at all. Today, Peruvian weft hair offers users this and much more. Thanks to cutting edge technology, this type of weft hair is easily fitted and concealed so that it comes across as your own natural hair.

This is a great feat for the weft hair industry, and an ideal that many have striven for throughout the years. Today you can enjoy all the benefits of great quality weaves and weft hair without having to give away that you have a weave fitted to your hair.

Peruvian weft hair

Choose Great Quality Peruvian Weft Hair to Enjoy the Best Quality Appearance

When searching for a provider of Peruvian weft hair, it is always best to partner with a salon that has many years’ experience in their industry. This not only gives you the reassurance that you receive the best technique and service, but you also know that you get exceptional value for money.

You have the option of having weft hair fitted that won’t give away that it isn’t your natural hair. So make sure that you capitalise on this chance and partner with a leading supplier of great quality weft hair in South Africa to optimise on this cutting edge new technology.

Brazilian Weft Hair/Brazilian Weave

Weave what?

With the modern world of fashion and style giving so many options to the fashionistas out there, deciding on the ultimate hairstyle to compliment your personality can be a massive complication.

Given the high maintenance that goes hand in hand with long hair and creative styles, not to mention the damage that comes with keeping up these appearances, many people are opting for weaves or hair extensions that drastically change the style and appearance of your hair, while at the same time offering protection. And of course all of this usually happens faster than waiting for your natural hair to grow out.

Obviously, as with anything, there are a massive variety of options to choose from when dealing with hair extensions. Not only are there various colours to choose from, there are also options regarding fabricated and organic hair, straight or curvy styles and many other details to make your style stand out. Brazilian Hair

Brazilian weft hair weaves are generally considered to be the most popular in South Africa. Because of the genetic diversity across Brazil there are a great many variations in Brazilian hair, yet it also has incredible durability and coarse texture, giving it body and bounce. This is why Brazilian hair is a favourite for African or Afro-Caribbean women, mainly because it blends so well with these varieties.

Organic Brazilian Hair is collected in small rural areas throughout Brazil where the people are compensated well for growing and parting with their strong and luxurious hair. From there it is distributed across the world, probably to a salon around the corner from you. There are so many reasons that women around the world are choosing Brazilian weft hair as their choice for declaring their style and flare, it looks good and just makes sense!

Extensions Colouring the Do’s and Don’ts

Scores of woman have turned to hair extensions as their saving grace; with the quality products available on the market today no one is able to tell the difference between real hair and hair extensions. Unlike the extensions of yesteryear that had a funny sheen to them and look more like Barbie doll hair, today’s hair is sourced from living donors which means it is real human hair!colored-hair extensions

Quality products such as virgin hair are sourced from Indian virgins at a temple ceremony! Naturally a quality product such as this cost a bit more than your run of the mill hair extensions but the quality is that much better and you can do so much with it.

Can hair extensions be coloured?

You may colour hair extensions, however there are some aspects that need to be considered for instance:

  • The type of hair extensions – A quality product such as Indian or Brazilian hair is preferred because it is made of real human hair. The dye process will be more natural.
  • The current colour of hair extension – If the extensions are light in colour they can be dyed a darker colour, blond dye should only be attempted if the extension is already a very light colour (almost blonde colour).
  • The colour you wish the extensions to be – Be realistic dark colours can be made darker and light colours lighter. For anything in between it would be best to consult with a hair styling specialist.

The product you need to use

If you are dying human hair extensions you may use off the shelf products. However it must be mentioned that you must take great care when dying your hair extensions so as not to damage the individual hair strands. For optimum results lay the extensions on a piece of tin foil on a flat surface, apply the dye as usual. Leave for the recommended time, rinse the dye, apply shampoo and conditioner to the hair extension piece, rinse again and dry gently.

Before colouring your hair extensions consult with a specialist such as to ensure you achieve the desired results.

Hair colouring

There is hardly a woman alive today that hasn’t coloured her hair or at least toyed with the idea of doing so. It has gotten to such a point that woman are colouring their eyebrows and putting different colour streaks into their hair in an attempt to create an overall dramatic effect.

What women don’t realise is that they are playing with fire each time they reach for a dye! There have been documented cases of woman that have experienced drastic allergic reactions up to the point of slipping into a coma with less than inspiring recovery expectations!


So why take the risk? Keep in mind first and foremost dye is made up of chemicals, over a period of time these chemicals damage your hair and potentially your health. Why not cut out the risk all together and choose a more sensible risk free alternative i.e. Brazilian weft hair!

Brazilian weft hair is sourced from willing individual donors. Hair is carefully sorted and treated and is overlaid twice and machine tied to provide a quality product. Brazilian weft hair is available in a variety of dyed colours and anything from subtle undertones to eye catching streaks. Another alternative to consider is wigs try adding a wig to your wardrobe to instantly alter your appearance without the effect being permanent or life threatening.

Keep in mind although Brazilian weft hair is easy to come by, you cannot use normal hair colouring products to colour your weft hair, this can only be done by professionals!

Hairstyles for every occasion

Hair extensions to suit every occasion

Hair extensions can be worn for every occasion, or for everyday use. Hair extensions add volume and length to your hair. You can have hair extensions that blend naturally or you can completely change your look by cutting the hair into a pixie-cut or leaving it long, with a different colour or waves or curls.


Hair extensions can be worn everyday or can be used for special occasions. The way a girl looks on her wedding day will be something she will remember for the rest of her life, you may have the perfect dress, the prefect shoes and accessories but what about the hair? If you have to change up your look for your wedding day, don’t worry about your hair not being long enough for that hair-do you saw on pinterest, all you have to do is go to a salon and take your pick of all hair extensions they have available and then have it done the way you want it to look on your big day.

Hair extensions are a much easier to handle and there are a number of different types you can choose from. These can last for up to 6 months with proper care and regular treatments. So why not change your hairstyle, do something different, be unique, be beautiful and get some hair extensions today.