The benefits of individual hair strands

hairRather than opt for a solid, flat and unrealistic look when colouring your hair, try our individual hair strands to enhance your present look or to completely change to the woman you really want to be. You, too, can be a Beyonce, J-Lo or Maria and cast your spell with waves of hirsute splendour.

Our individual hair strands come in a range of natural hair colours and also an exciting and vibrant range of fashion shades. Let your imagination run wild and add a plethora of exotic hues to your crowning glory to add spice and va-va-voom to your appearance. You need never look or feel dull again.

The absolute beauty of our products is that they are reusable and durable because of the superior quality and workmanship. We are the only distributors around who offer an exchange or money back policy. We rest on our laurels however because we know we will not need to refund seeing as though our hair is superbly crafted and cared for.

Individual hair stands can be added to match your own hair, to contrast with it or to add flair and fashion with bright and bouncy primary and neon colours. Boredom has left the building! Your hair will be your piece de resistance for ever more! Match it to your mood or to your clothes and with reusable, clip-on-and-go strands you can do so several times a day. Be a different woman at the cocktail party after work to the sleek and sensuous creature at the gym in the morning.  Add as many or as few strands as you wish and have your perfect hair style – always!

A full wig can be stifling and uncomfortable and does not allow your own hair to breathe but individual strands do not restrict the wearer in such a way and, the best thing possible, they are just as capable of changing the appearance completely. Become the woman you really need to be- several times day- with our top quality hair unequalled in the industry and love all the new yous that you become.

Go curly, go smooth, go wild but go Diva Divine, without a doubt!

Brazilian Weft Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have been popular for a number of years, especially amongst all South African women. The reason for this is that hair extensions give them the long, luscious hair that they are after, without all the effort of having to grow their hair and without having to use all of the products. Hair products to help grow out hair cost tons of money. Hair extensions are not only for those that are looking for longer hair, but also for those that feel that they have thin lifeless hair. Hair extensions can give them the thick, bouncy hair that they long for. Brazilian weft hair is one of the most popular types of extensions and also one of the more costly types of hair extensions.

Brazilian Weft HairIt is no secret that the Brazilians have some of the best looking hair in the world; this is mainly due to genetics. Weft hair can be easily attached to your existing hair. It will, give you instant volume, length and the waviness that most woman crave. Brazilian weft is also very shiny. Weft hair or weaves means that this hair can be attached directly to your existing hair with no hassle.

The first step to attaching Brazilian weft hair is to braid you hair in to small corn rolls in the direction that you Brazilian weft must fall. After this is complete you can attach the weave. There are a number of ways to attach the weave, however the two main ways are to use clips that can be removed at any time and the second is with chemicals for a more natural look.

Make an unforgettable impression at your year-end function

It’s that time of the year again. Time for planning year-end functions, Christmas parties, Secret Santa and much more. Naturally this is also the time of year when everyone is tired and people could care less about looking good or making any kind of impression.
However, you do want to look good at your year-end function, don’t you? So many pictures will be taken and you will have to live with them for an entire year before getting the chance to redeem yourself if they come out terribly. And it always seems to be your hair that looks extremely bad, right? Well, if you want to have a year-end function to remember, then start planning your hairstyle right now.
Yes, you can actually do this by investing in real Indian weft hair extensions or Brazilian weft hair extensions. You can even have them put in about two months before the actual event so that you can get used to them. This is especially helpful if you have short hair and you want to have long locks for that special event. If you want to change your hair colour to boot, this is also possible. Real Brazilian weft and Indian weft extensions can be dyed in any colour you desire.
You most probably already have your outfit all planned out. Now just imagine that great hairstyle to top it all off. And there is nothing difficult or complicated about it either. Any hairdresser worth his/her salt will be able to add extensions to your hair in a professional manner and get you looking like a million bucks. Hair extensions are also very affordable and long-lasting, meaning real value for money.
So if you’ve just about given up on having beautiful hair and you’re thinking about shaving all your hair off, don’t despair! There are hair extensions just waiting to make you look and feel glamorous!


Listen up ladies, fake looking hair extensions and wigs are officially a thing of the past, now that Diva Devine has taken it upon themselves to supply our nation’s beauty industry and salons with their quality virgin hair products. Diva Devine specialise in both Indian weft hair as well as Brazilian weft hair and that’s not all they also do Malaysian, Peruvian and Cambodian hair products, what this means is that there is a quality product available in a variety of styles and colours to suite every need and budget for that matter. For those ladies that are looking for a day to day temporary solution Diva Devine also offers a clip-on option. You can add instant length and volume when and where ever you may need it.

The great thing about Diva Devine products is that they look and feel real and if you follow the recommended after care instructions provided by your stylist you will increase the “lifespan” of your hair extensions in addition to this Diva Devine hair extensions and wigs wont tangle or become matted, again that is only if you practise proper aftercare. Because of the specialised installation method of the Indian weft hair they will never shed even if you wash and blow-dry them daily, so your extensions will look as good tomorrow as they do today.

Beautiful Hair

Having beautiful hair is something that every woman wants, but achieving it isn’t always that easy. Some woman have thin hair others have frizzy hair and then there is straight hair that is impossible to style in any way. So what to do? The wigs and hair extensions that are available at the flea markets look about as cheap as the price tags they carry, fortunately for us woman there is a hair extension specialist available right here in South Africa with headquarters in several major cities that is Cape Town, Johannesburg and Bloemfontein and best of all they only offer quality wigs and hair extensions in a wide variety of styles and colours.

Diva Devine’s products are made from real virgin hair as a matter of fact there is only a few hair specialists in the country that make use of such quality products and if that isn’t impressive enough Diva Devine has a series of expertly trained staff all of whom have different areas of expertise from stylists to installation technicians and even colour experts.

Some of the virgin hair products that are available from Diva Devine include Indian hair, Peruvian hair, Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair and even Cambodian hair all of which are collected and sorted through with extreme care. It is really reassuring to know that there is a hair specialist company right here in South Africa that is willing to go that extra mile for their clients.