Foods For Healthy and Beautiful Hair


Healthy Foods for the best results

Women and men these days will do anything in order to keep up appearances. We lather ourselves in self tan, we put botox injections in our faces (and any other area we can think of) and we let a doctor put us under the knife to give us the perfect Angelina Jolie lip.

When it comes to hair… it’s much simpler and much more organic… this makes for a nice change. Advanced hair studios are springing up and it is here that we experience what real hair care is about. Yes, we can add 100% human hair extensions but these will not cause damage to our real hair (jump for joy) and we can also learn a thing or too about hair care.

Certain foods are great for those follicles ladies! Indulge in salmon on that sushi, enjoy oysters with the boyfriend (he will enjoy this too) and let yourself nosh on almonds (which are good for weight maintenance mind you) and let your hair grow to its perfect potential! Be organic. Experience true hair care.