Hair Colour

Hair colouring has been done for years and years there is hardly a woman today that haven’t  experimented with some sort of dye whether it is a natural dye, hair tint, highlights, or even bleaching. People have dyed everything from their hair to their eyebrows, some have even gone as far as to try and dye their hair extensions. You don’t have to be a hair stylist to know that it will not work out to well and even when done by trained professionals dying hair extensions is a risky job. The individual hair strands become damaged resulting in breaking of the hair and the chemicals within the dye causes the hair strand to loosen and fall out.

Hair ColourI myself have dyed my hair several times in the past and each time I have come to the same conclusion my hair looks and feels great for the first two weeks then it starts feeling dry and dead causing split ends and it gets that dull look and one thing that always bugged me about hair dye was that horrid chemical smell that burns my throat and nose each time I dye my hair, that got me thinking if the chemicals damage my hair so much what is the fumes doing to my health? It was during my research that I came across this site here I learned that there are certain people that can have a severe allergic reaction to hair dye up to the point of being hospitalized and almost dying, what shocked me even further was learning that it was leading brands that caused the allergic reactions.

Ladies what I am trying to say is the next time you dye your hair and your scalp starts burning or that little rash appears at the back of your neck don’t treat it as if it’s nothing. Before spending your hard earned money on dye trying to cover up the flaws in your hair, purchase some good hair care products that will help treat your hair, instead of those products that damages your hair and your health.