Hair colouring

There is hardly a woman alive today that hasn’t coloured her hair or at least toyed with the idea of doing so. It has gotten to such a point that woman are colouring their eyebrows and putting different colour streaks into their hair in an attempt to create an overall dramatic effect.

What women don’t realise is that they are playing with fire each time they reach for a dye! There have been documented cases of woman that have experienced drastic allergic reactions up to the point of slipping into a coma with less than inspiring recovery expectations!


So why take the risk? Keep in mind first and foremost dye is made up of chemicals, over a period of time these chemicals damage your hair and potentially your health. Why not cut out the risk all together and choose a more sensible risk free alternative i.e. Brazilian weft hair!

Brazilian weft hair is sourced from willing individual donors. Hair is carefully sorted and treated and is overlaid twice and machine tied to provide a quality product. Brazilian weft hair is available in a variety of dyed colours and anything from subtle undertones to eye catching streaks. Another alternative to consider is wigs try adding a wig to your wardrobe to instantly alter your appearance without the effect being permanent or life threatening.

Keep in mind although Brazilian weft hair is easy to come by, you cannot use normal hair colouring products to colour your weft hair, this can only be done by professionals!