Hair Extensions Explained

About Hair Extensions

Hair extensions were discovered way back in the 1980’s.  Back then, they were not manufactured from good quality hair such as Indian hair and they were also very expensive.  Because of their hefty price tag, people forgot about them quickly.  After a while, celebrities started taking a liking to them and then the trend started again world-wide and is still with us today.

Hair extensions are also commonly knows as hair clusters and they come in clip-on and glue format.  Hair extensions are usually made from high quality human hair including Indian hair, Indian Remy hair and even Brazilian hair.  The reason for this is that Indian hair and other high quality hair is very strong and durable compared to regular westernized hair.

Clip-on hair extensions and glue-in hair extensions are both utilised for the maximisation of natural hair’s volume, height and length.  Hair clusters usually consist of 30 strands and are attached to the scalp.  Bigger pieces of hair (called wefts) are attached to the top of the head and are more flexible and flowing.  Hand-made hair extensions are the best to invest in, especially when they are made from Indian hair.  They might be a bit more expensive than the rest of the options out there, but their high quality makes them worth it over and over again.

Another option for hair extensions is synthetic hair.  However, this type of hair extensions is not typically advised by hair stylists as they don’t look very natural, as opposed to hair extensions made from real human hair.  Human hair extensions, especially Indian hair extensions, can be highlighted and dyed according to personal preference.  Once attached, they last up to 8 weeks.  Permanent hair extensions last up to 4 months.
After attaching hair extensions to hair, they need to be washed and conditioned regularly, in the same way that natural hair is washed and conditioned.  Using mild washing agents (shampoos and conditioners) are the best way to go.  If hair extensions are not washed regularly, they will start to smell bad.  Hair extensions also tend to knot up quite a lot.  Should you have hair extensions and you find a lot of knots in them, be sure to untangle them gently with your fingers.  Do not pull hard on them, as you might pull the extensions right out of your head.

Looking good and feeling great is made easy with the use of great quality hair extensions.  Always be sure to find a qualified hair stylist that offers high quality extensions, preferably made from Indian hair.

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