Know all about Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

As with most fashion items they come and go, and back again. It was in the 1980’s that hair extensions came about. The knowledge, materials and techniques weren’t what they are today. As with most new things they were pretty pricy to have. Then hair extensions seemed to die off, until fairly recently. The celebrities started to hit the public scene looking more gorgeous than ever with hair extensions.

The idea behind hair extensions is that they can add height, volume and length. And even colour if you want. It’s done by adding clusters of hair that is made up of 30 strands that are attached to your scalp. For volume, wefts which are somewhat larger can be added to your scalp. It is far better to opt for the handmade hair extensions. As with everything that has been hand made it does come with a price, there is quality as against factory made. It is better and longer lasting for you.

Of the two types of hair extensions available, human or synthetic, the human type is preferable. A little more costly but worth it as it looks more natural. It is possible to have your extensions coloured or highlighted to your choice. Perms can be done as well. The life span of extensions is roughly 6 – 8 weeks. It’s advisable to have them redone and freshened up after this period. It is possible to have “permanent hair extensions” applied; to be kept up to standard these need to be redone every 4 months.

There are various types of extensions. The clip-in, these are attached to a form of comb and slid into place on the scalp. Weft extensions, these are larger pieces that are attached to a track on the scalp. The strand by strand method, this is applied to single sections of the natural hair around the scalp. This is the most popular method for adding volume and length.

As with ordinary hair, hair extensions do require some care and attention. They can begin to smell; therefore regular cleansing with a mild shampoo is important. A good conditioner is advisable. Hair should be towel dried lightly; any knots and tangles can be freed with the fingers.

It’s advisable before getting hair extensions done, to do as much research as possible. Get recommendations from friends as to which salon keeps the best products and hair stylists. Looking like great does not mean costing a fortune.

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