Strand by Strand Hair

Individual hair Strands

A hair extension method, known as strand by strand, has been around for a long while and is a very popular hair extension method. This is the using of small individual strands of your natural hair and is gathered together and attached to separate hair extensions. This creates the most natural look for hair extensions.

There are various ways to attach individual hair strands and some methods work better than others, it is up to the individual to decide what method will work best for the individual.

Another popular hair extension method is using glue in your hair. This should be used on only thick hair and should not be used on dry or thin hair. This isn’t the best method for hair and is not highly recommended.

What is the safest way to attach hair extensions? This is called micro-linking and with this method, hair will be attached by a cylinder and a clamp. 2 different typed of cylinders can be used for this kind of method. One is made of aluminum while the other is made from copper.

Strand by strand hair extensions or individual hair strand extensions can last up to 3 months or until your own hair has grown out by at least 2 inches.  When your hair has grown out by that much, your hair extensions will require a lift.  A lift, in stylist terms, is a service for hair extensions.  The copper cylinder holding the individual hair strands in place is opened and then the extension strands are moved upwards to the base of the scalp.
Never use low-quality hair for strand by strand hair extensions as they will not last any longer than 4 months and cannot be reused.

If you have high quality 100% Indian remy or European remy hair extensions you can expect them to last for almost a year if you look after them properly.  It is always a good idea to go with good quality individual hair strand extensions as this will curb damage to your natural hair as well.

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