Weft Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Weft hair extensions are usually a few inches long and are attached at the top on a track. The hair will thus, be attached at the top on a track and be hanging loose at the bottom. The weft can either be sewn together by a person or it can be sewn together using a machine.

The weft can be attached onto a head using several methods. These include sewing to your hair, gluing, taping or using micro rings.
When micro-rings are used, a small piece of the weft’s tip and a bit of the person’s hairs are attached together at the scalp and a ring is inserted. The ring is then flattened and this process is repeated in several parts of the hair.

Tapping the hair extensions is also known as skin weft. It is one of the newest techniques of inserting extensions. It works simply by having double sided polyurethane tape applied to the scalp. On side of the tape is removed and the weft is placed on the scalp. This is repeated between the person’s hair sections around their head.

Glued weft extensions are very easy to apply. Specially made glue is applied onto the sewn part of the weft and then glued onto the person’s scalp.
One of the most popular methods of inserting wefts is through sewing or braiding. Cornrows are braided either in spiraling lines around the head or in several straight lines down the head. The weft is then simply sewn on to the cornrows following their pattern.
There are several advantages and disadvantages of using weft extensions. The advantages are that, they are easier and faster to install onto a head and so, can make for a quick new hairstyle. This is because of the fact that the hair is sewn together. It is also cheaper than single strands of hair extensions.

There are also a number of disadvantages of using weft hair extensions. Firstly, these extensions are more likely to stress the person’s hair and head. This is mainly because there is more weight with weft extensions that single strand extensions. Also, the tape method and gluing method of installation sometimes makes it difficult to remove without removing some of the person’s hair as well. Long term damage to their hair and scalp may result from this. Another disadvantage is that weft hair extensions are more visible as compared to single strand extensions.

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